An ordinary Engineer earning his estimated annual package in a month just by selling beverages.

Reading again?

Well, you have read it right. Wondering how is it possible? Huh! it all started when the education couldn’t earn me a decent job! Yet the degree was not total waste, it surely helped me get married.

Don't worry I will tell you the story, how it happened.

As born and bought up in a typical middle-class Marathi family, I was like every other child whose childhood starts with the study, homework and grades. I managed to earn an Engineering degree in Mechanical. Like other I too had dreams of working for an MNC, get promoted and earn decent. I was not sure if it was fortunate or unfortunate, but the degree couldn’t get me a desired job. When I started thinking my degree was a waste, it helped me impress a beautiful girl. That beautiful girl is my wife now by the way. And so I started liking my degree but, my beloved degree couldn’t survive the struggle of securing a good job and then one fine day it died.

In the pain of its death I was sipping my Tea and recalled that Tea has been a great friend of mine in all those stressed days of engineering. So I decided, in the memory of my great engineering degree to start selling tea and help more people around to get over their stressed life. However I have a lot of friends from my engineering times, few were coffee people and few liked other Indian beverages. And I love my friends as much as I loved my degree. So moving forward with a Tea, I decided to serve all Indian beverages. Also since it started with my engineering, I mean my pocket money days, I wanted to keep it pocket friendly. As a result I fixed a price of Rs. 10/- for everything I could offer.

That business is now known as Kadak Special.

That’s all folks… that’s the story of Kadak Special.

Oh wait!! I forgot to mention something…

Though I lost that engineering degree, I was able to save the knowledge I learned about mechanics and thermo-dynamics along with the skills of experimenting.

And that’s the speciality of Kadak Special. We serve hot beverages from the specially designed containers which maintain exact temperature without the over boiling of fluids in it, preserving its perfect and most loved taste. Which actually is a result of experiment using 350 litres of milk.

Yes! Now the story is complete.

With Love,

- Ajit Shivajirao Kerure